D'ottavio's philosophy


D’Ottavio can’t be exclusively defined as a brand, but should rather be imagined as a long and complex journey which leads to a philosophy.

It is a continuous project, fruit of decades of research and experimentation, which has bought to a complete evolution in the Italian handcrafted field.

Strengthened by a stylistic and technical background of rare heterogeneity, D’Ottavio’s philosophy focuses on a high level product, shaping the design to define new borders between refinement and functionality, where the textures of the natural skin marry the high tech details of absolute quality.


D’Ottavio’s creations reveal a strong and decisive character, the result of an unconventional and timeless stylistic line. 

It combines with an accurate choice of the materials with careful craftwork, in order to bring functionality and design to a higher level: a new reference point, where extreme quality and sophisticated design meet the international spirit.

D’Ottavio uses only fine Italian leather for the best quality – D’Ottavio usa solo la migliore pelle italiana per la migliore qualità
D’Ottavio atelier where design meets craftwork – Atelier D’Ottavio dove il design incontra l’artigianalità